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Meditation and it's benefits

I remember the first time I meditated, it was a rainy day... not really. After a workshop I decided that I will give it a try. I installed the app and on a Monday morning as part of my new morning routine I did all 10 minutes of it. Well, it was not the best. I was opening my eyes to see how much time was left, my mind wandered to my to-dos of the day ahead, but each time I circled back and continued to listen to the guidance. When it was over I thought; this will take a while to make a difference because I really suck at it.

Photo by Animesh Basnet on Unsplash

Strangely as I was going through my day I noticed that my reaction was different from the usual. I was a lot calmer in traffic, stressful situations didn't bother me as much, I felt strangely happier. If this was happening after a messy 10 minutes, what can happen after a practiced 15 or 30 minutes? I love meditating now and when I don't get a chance to do it, I feel it.

For those if you who are still on the fence, here is an article about some of the benefits of meditation.

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