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Questions I ask myself to keep my sanity

I have always been pretty impulsive with my purchases. I get excited by a lot of things and I have a major shoe fetish. I see something on another lady and I want it too. I hear of a book and I want it now. I read something super cool (meaning super nerdy), I jump on board and I tell everyone about it.

I started budgeting years ago but I just now started to actually track what I spend. A big part in this are my kids who seem to be doing this adulting thing a whole lot better than me. It is like my happy needy inner 6 year old got unleashed with an allowance.

The other part is (also thank to my kids) that I started to be more discerning whos message I share. I have become a lot more selective who I follow, whos message I take to heart or take seriously.

I wanted to share how I tamed my inner 6 year old, how I am dampening the instant excitement when a new shoe or training gear ad lands in my inbox.

Question 1) - Is this true?

When I read or hear something I ask this question. This stops me in my tracks and requires me to answer. I also look at where the information comes from.

Now when I read a nutrition or a fitness article, I ask "Is this true?" There is so much garbage out there, I really need to be careful not to fall for a new gimmick.

Question 2) - Is this necessary?

Obviously this has to do with buying - many things - that promise to instantly fix my non existing problems that are all of a sudden, are problems. And I have to fix them now or how am I even supposed to go on?

Like the magic window sill cleaner, or the magic dog grooming device, or yet another sports bra. Or that super cute pair of sandals that I will wear non stop from now until I die.

Question 3) - Is this significant?

Sometimes I get all bent out of shape about something, then I realize it was sooo not worth it. Now when I feel my agitation rising, I ask this question. It has saved a couple meltdown energy for me for the real important meltdown worthy stuff.

Question 4) - What is plan B?

I am not the spontaneous kind of person, although I am pretty easy going. I like to have a plan and I like to do the plan. I found that I get very attached to my plans to the point where it looks ridiculous even to me. I really don't want to grow old and be this rigid super uptight no fun grump, so I decided to do something about it.

Now if a detail switches on me and I can't carry on with my original ideas, I ask myself "What's plan B?" I feel still in control of my actions and I am not ridiculously stuck in my groove.

What questions do you ask?

I am sure I will have to come up with more questions as I discover other places where I could do better but for now this is it.

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