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My Mission


My mission is to change the mindset of ageing.

What is behind the name?

To some, sexy might mean loose morals, skimpy dresses, provocative behavior. 


To me, that's not what sexy is.


When men were asked; to them a sexy woman is someone who is confident, happy and vibrant.  

That is my vision for us, women over 40, to believe in ourselves, to reclaim our purpose, to crush this next chapter of our lives.  

How did my journey begin?

After my kids told me to stop mommy-ing them I had to do something to distract myself from thinking about them needing a ride, if they had lunch, clean clothes, etc.  I jumped into a million different activities and groups and I did like a lot of them, but when I found CrossFit, that's when I truly become my own person again. 


I absolutely loved everything about it; the intensity, the atmosphere, the hard work, the coaching, that everyone was rooting for each other, the shared ups and downs.  It was like a moving meditation for me.  I left everything at the door. 


A couple years into my training I got to the point where I was looking for other over 40 female athletes for inspiration and for comradery.  There were only a few.  


That's when it became my mission to mobilize ladies over 40, to make them feel empowered to take charge of their wellness.  Went out and got my crossfit and nutrition coaching certificates and dove into studying personal development.  Feel Sexy Over 40 was born.

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