Results, what to look forward to;

I designed the Strong for Life program just for you.  For women over 40 it can get hard and daunting to do it on your own.  You have a desire to feel energized, vibrant physically, mentally and emotionally.  By working together you will gain strength and confidence that will carry you into next year, the year after that and then to an incredibly strong future.

How will we get there;

During our fun sessions you will be guided through a personalized program that is custom tailored to your abilities and goals.  I pay extra attention to form and posture to eliminate any injury caused by improper movement.

How will the program be delivered;

The program is 100% online.  We will meet for our sessions on Zoom, you will be able to work out in the comfort of your home, no commute is necessary.

All new programs start with a Complimentary Consultation to establish your goals and to go over your physical abilities.  


Commit to working together for one month, two months, or three months.

When we work together, we will initially go over your goals, your health and mobility assessment during your complimentary full body consultation.  You will also be part of my exclusive Facebook community where you can plug into the vibe of strong women just like you.  Lastly, you will have access to 2 videos to complement our sessions:  -stretch and - mobility.

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Two month commitment.png
Three month commitment.png