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#3 Bubble bath, yoga mat, a good book and a little meditation

These activities might not be everyone's favorite self-care go-tos, but they cover the areas of self-care that we need to focus on.

What are the categories?




One without the other will not feel very harmonious.

We can be super strong and super strong out. We could eat the best foods and feel completely disconnected.

These activities have to be scheduled and put into our calendars. If someone wants our time and attention, too bad, these blocks are sacred.

Where do we even begin? In the physical category we can talk about our appearance, clothing, working out/movement, good food, good wine, going to the doctor/chiropractor/massage/dentist, getting enough sleep.

In the mental category, we could include feeding our minds, learning, reading, playing, taking time for ourselves like meditation, walking in nature, a nice bath, visiting a spa, spending time with loved ones, establishing morning/evening routines.

For our spiritual health we could pray, walk in nature, meditate, allow ourselves to be who we are, nourish our inner voice, our intuition, foster love and connection.

Ask the question; "How do I want to feel?" "What do I have to do or not do to feel that way?"

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