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#2 - Beeeee Social!!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Next step in the process of putting rocket fuel to the second half of our life is to stay social.

It is vital to stay connected to others but our circles have to be curated. Who we spend most of our time with will incredibly influence our energy level, our mood, our outlook on life, our beliefs, and can derail or help our goals. In the company of some people we feel drained and with others we feel energized. If the draining people in our life happen to be family members, just understand to keep boundaries, to be energetically prepared when we meet them, to love them just the way they are, and if possible, make visits less frequent.

As a side note; connection does not happen on social media. Let's not confuse communication on Facebook with real life connections.

The selection of our tribe goes hand in hand with our goals, be it social, physical, spiritual, etc. We want to be surrounded by awesome people who will ignite that fire in our bellies to be better, to try harder, to make us feel amazing.

We want to pick interest-groups according to a list of criteria based on our goals, values, what we want to get and give and how we want to feel. I would even put health providers and coaches through this screening test. (For example; I don't want to hear from my physio "you can't do that" or "you are too old for that" or "get used to it". I will go until I find the "Let's figure it out" or "this is how we can get you there".)

Next up is #3 Self care in our series.

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