12 simple (but not easy) steps to turn your diet around

How to become a better functioning human

Learn the basics to manage stress

7 steps to get a good night's sleep

I am a primal health coach, I have done years of research from books, courses and health podcasts.  I studied the works of JJ Virgin, Mark Sisson, Dr. Mercola, Dave Asprey, Aubrey Markus, Steven R. Gundry, Michael Greger, Shaun Stevenson and more.


Fit and fabulous - go from sedentary to thriving

I am a level 1 crossfit trainer, studied and participated in the Body for lIfe challenge by Bill Phillips where I went down from a size 16 to a size 10.  Studied the 10 pound shred program, ran 4 marathons, have finished 3 mud raises and competed in the Open Crossfit competition 5 years in a row.  2 years ago finished top 80 in Eastern Canada in the over 45 scaled division.  Entered my very first Crossfit Masters competition in 2017 where I placed second.  Earlier in life I practiced Kung Fu where I achieved red belt level.  Joined a soccer team when I was 49 where I played for two years.  These days aside from Crossfit I also enjoy Yoga, kick boxing and running.


How to achieve your goals - Secrets to manifesting anything

How to become world class in business and in life

How to have the best day of your life - own your morning, own your life

The art of Mind mapping

I have been studying for 10 years in this area.  I am addicted to learning and mindset is one of my big passions.  I attended conferences and seminars, I listen to podcasts, I read books,  follow blogs of my heros and people I admire like Tony Robbins, Aubrey Markus, Russell Bronson, Mel Robbins, Darren Hardy, Robyn Sharma, Tim Farriss, Oprah, Gary Vee, Rob Bell, Chalene Johnson, Malcolm Gladwell and orthers.

I also bring years of spiritual study into my practice; I am a colour practitioner, a Litios crystal practitioner, completed the Love and Money course, and I am studying the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Dr. Deepak Chopra.  I am the host of Meditation Sundays at the Farm and Spiritual Movie nights.

I ignite passion