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Your body says "slow down!" but your mind says "hell no!"

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Ever since the menopause rolled over your body like a freight train, nothing seems to be the same. Cramps, sore muscles, tightness in your joints, weight gain, sugar cravings, back pain... you haven't changed anything on the outside but things sure have changed on the inside.

Here is what the smart people say: menopause means we stop producing estrogen and progesterone. After menopause hits our estrogen level drops drastically in the first 6 months, then it continues for 3 years. Estrogen is responsible for collagen allocation, joint hydration, magnesium uptake, which in turn affect stress and sugar cravings.

Lack of collagen plays a huge role in ligament health. Without it the ligaments get stiff and start to degenerate. We can experience rotator cuff tears. Ligaments and tendons don't get repaired effectively. You might also notice the effects of this as incontinence. How delightful!!

Other not so awesome symptoms are: weight gain, bone density loss, back and shoulder pain, hip pain, spinal de-alignment that can cause strained muscles, which in turn can trigger hot flashes. Hot flashes dehydrate our bodies, which then further aggravates joint hydration.

Drink lots of water!!

Here is the kicker. Your muscles acke, your back acke, your joints are stiff, and then we are told to go and exercise. What madness!! But that is the antidote. Weight bearing exercise increases bone density, it strengthens the muscles to hold our joints in place, it also help control cravings and our weight.

Go to the gym!!

Bioidentical hormone therapy, a careful diet and taking magnesium are proven to help as well. Now you know.

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