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Menopause is designed to kill you.

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

#menopause was designed by nature to turn off the female body after reproduction has come to an end to signal a steady physical and mental decline. Now that we are not just about making sure that the human race continues, this stage of life is rather inconvenient.

#hotflashes and night sweats are not welcome when you are an executive, or anything else for that matter, an instant 10 pounds appears around your waist and thighs and you wonder where your energy and strength have gone?

Hormone levels are fluctuating by the minute, it's hard to focus, have to pee when doing exercise and you are constantly misplacing your phone.

Yes, menopause is here to do you in. Or so it feels like.

Here comes science to the rescue of women over 40 (and everyone who is around them). These days we have options from #bio-identical hormone therapy, #meditation, essential oils, patches and injections based on your needs and preferences to following a healthy diet, #exercise and being mindful, which are great coping tools as well.

There are only a two positive aspects of menopause that I can think of: before I was always cold requiring extra layers compared to others and now I am most comfortable with as light as possible. The other positive side is that my changed habits in my lifestyle will ensure a healthy aging process going forward.

Yes, our bodies still run like when we had to kill dinner but now we can get through it with some grace to come out the other end and go on living for another 50 years. Take that evolution!!

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