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Why you should treat yourself like a million dollar race horse?

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Just imagine that you had a million dollar race horse. A beautiful, one of a kind, sought after specimen. You would clean it and brush it every day, you would feed it high quality food, you would make sure it gets socialized, that it gets it's daily exercise. You would shower it with compliments, show it affection, brag about it, be so proud.

What if you put yourself in the place of the race horse and treat yourself with such attention. How would your self dialogue change? How would your food choices change? Would you allow yourself to vegg out on the couch for hours instead of feeding your body and mind from the best possible source? I don't think so. So then why do we value a horse higher that ourselves. Makes no sense, does it?

From this moment on, if you catch yourself doing or saying something that you wouldn't say or do to a million dollar race horse, stop yourself and replace it with something positive.

Become your own best friend; chose the best in everything for yourself because you are that million dollar racehorse.

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