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What will shake you up?

You probably know the most common responses to the questions "Why haven't you started a fitness routine? or eating well? or sleeping enough hours?" It's usually "I have no time for that or I hate exercise or I love food too much, or I have no motivation or I am too stressed or I have too much to do".

I thought in this post I will call out these self talk lies. (Can you tell I just finished listening to Rachel Hollis? I love her tough love style.)

As you might have guessed from the title, most people start looking after their health after a big wake up call shakes their world; could be a loved one gets sick, some sort of a close call that reminds you of your mortality or the break up of a relationship. At that point most people re-evaluate their priorities and self care becomes number one.

How is it that now that something crazy stressful just happened, as you might be dealing with more than before, as you might be dealing with life alone, as you might be dealing with grief you all of a sudden have time, have motivation, figured out how to eat and you can get your ass out there and move even if you don't feel like it?

So why not do it now when it's easier, when you have support?

It's because you have to rock yourself out of your comfy spot and not rely on an outside force.

Can you do it?

5-4-3-2-1 Do it!! Start now!!

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