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Let go of your identity to create a new one

This is a juicy topic.

So here you are, you know you have to do something about your health but man, it is hard to ditch the pasta (but it's my comfort food...). It's hard to ditch the glass or two of wine with dinner (but it helps me unwind...). It's hard to go to the gym (I work all day, I am tired...). Even though you know this is not good, you find all the excuses in the world to stay where you are because it is what you know, it is safe.

This new healthy thing... it's unknown, it's uncomfortable, it's hard.

You hear the phrase "Step out of your comfort zone" and all the other super helpful stuff but unless, in most cases, something so awful happens that you are frickin blasted out of you comfort zone or you find something exceptionally moving to go after your dreams, it's not going to happen.

Are you doomed then? Maybe...

willpower can only last so long, look at all the made and forgotten new year's resolutions.

So maybe go with another saying "Baby steps".

I think that might be more doable for most people. Start with the smallest iddy biddy step. Have a good breakfast once a week. Have a wine free day once a week. Join one fitness/yoga class a week with a friend. Walk around the block once a week. Then once that is not so bad, do it twice. Or you might actually find that some of the stuff is almost enjoyable and you want to make it a daily habit. Crazy! but you just never know.

Who cares if takes you a year to get to half speed!! You are miles away from where you were.

Baby steps.

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