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Inactivity is the new smoking

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

We all know that exercise is good for you but new information is coming to the forefront about the type of exercise that is more beneficial that others.

Let's dive in. Turns out walking is an amazing form of exercise. It lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cognitive problems, joint ailments and a host of other issues. Walk whenever you get the chance. Walking delivers even more benefits 30 minutes after a meal. Go for a short 15 - 30 minute walk and see your waist line decrease and digestion improve.

When walking for exercise (not just around the mall) throw in a minute of brisk walking. Walk as fast as you can then slow down for 5 minutes then do another minute of brisk walking, keep alternating. You probably heard that changing up the pace is good for the heart and the lungs.

Let's go to the other extreme. New research shows that doing heavy exercise day after day without giving your body the chance to recover eventually will show up as joint aches and pains, maybe even weight gain. Doing a taxing, heavy exercise is beneficial but not every day. Throw that into the mix once or twice a week; listen to your body.

What we now also know is sitting all day due to having an office job, long commute, watching TV can't be compensated by an hour in the gym. That is why sitting got labelled as the new smoking. But more to that, standing in the same position is just as bad. Get up, stretch, walk around, change positions. If you sit, get up every time the phone rings and answer the call standing up. Get up every time someone walks into your cubical. After you finished that email, go around the "block" a couple times. You get the idea.

The take away is constant movement, exercise smart and if you are in motion, you are doing well. What is still true is that you can't exercise away a bad diet, so eating well is still number 1 priority.

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