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I just want to close the door and hide in my room

I looked at my phone and there were 12 messages from the same person. I opened it and started reading them. There was nothing bad in the messages. They were filled with information to help me guide a client more effectively in her buying process. Never the less I could feel my heart rate and my blood pressure rise, my chest tighten and my anxiety level sky rocket in response to the shear volume of material I now had to go through.

Has this happened to you? Out of the blue the overwhelm just kicks your ass?

My schedule is pretty full and my brain is constantly working on new ideas, things I need to start, update, finish, follow up with, keep in touch, etc. When I get bombarded I just shut down. I have to walk away and asses. Is this something I need to tackle or is this something I can politely reject. It always starts with at least 6 deep breaths where I clear the pressure from inside. Then I get paper and pen and start a list (love lists, love mind mapping). When I see the components, my head clears and I can make a plan. Then I go to the gym and work out all this pent up energy so I am ready for the next day.

You might not be a visual person like me so go through a process that works for you. Maybe you need to hear your thoughts out loud, maybe you have to take time and sleep on it. Go for a walk, cook, sing, dance, whatever. Make sure the anxiety and stress leaves your body. When chronic stress is not dealt with it can literally kill you.

Make friends with saying "No" when you have to. Allow yourself the time to go through YOUR process to make a decision. I heard an investor say that when someone asks him to make a decision but doesn't allow him the time to think it through, the automatic answer is "No".

I would love to hear what your go-to process is. Leave your comment on my Facebook page:

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