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Don't be like a spider

In the last couple of months I observed that a spider would find a spot, set up shop and wait for bugs to come, get trapped, hence, lunch. But then I noticed a week later, that the same spider would be dead. And I saw this occur over and over. Why? I wondered.

Then it dawned on me; we have spiders but we don't have bugs (this was in the bathroom). So the spider would literally sit there, waiting for food to arrive and then die waiting. Here I thought that nature is more intelligent in setting up this whole survival thing, but I guess spiders missed the memo.

How often do we sit in our spot waiting for customers, opportunities, ideas, partners to show up and it never happens, yet we don't actively switch tactics? How often do we put up with discomfort, stress, bad circumstances hoping it will change, and when they don't, we still stay?

So, don't be like a spider, examine your circumstances often and when it's not what they should be, do something about them!!

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