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Curve balls and life

This morning I was thinking of how life is just a string of curve balls. You figure one out, it's quiet for a bit then the next one hits the fan. We keep figuring it out, keep moving road blocks but keep going.

Except when it comes to us. We move mountains for others and by the time it comes to our own curve ball, we have nothing left. We give up, stop, not make the effort.

This can go on for a bit but eventually always being there for your family, your community first and not looking after your own priorities will catch up to you either as stress, diabetes, depression, aches and pains, or even more serious.

You heard the sayings: you can't give from an empty cup, or always put on your oxygen mask first, etc. Well, it's true.

Self care is not selfish, it's an act of services to you and everyone else who depend on you.

So please!!!!, book into your calendar your workout times, your reading time, your yoga or meditation time, your prepping healthy food time and don't let others steal it from you. That time is yours and it's sacred.

Yes, we are in a strange situation but it is just another curve ball that you can figure out. You have figured it out for the kids, for your friends, now get it done for you.

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