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#4 The difference between dreams and goals

Let's talk about dreams first.

Dreams have to be REALLY BIG!! Huge!! Exciting!!

Dreams have to be made public. Tell your support circle what you are dreaming about.

Dreams should not have a timeline or expiration date.

Dreams should be E.A.S.Y.

E - Energized, they should fill all your senses. You should see it, taste it, be immersed in it.

A - Aspirational, they should be bigger than you.

S - Spacious, they should be expansive.

Y - Yours, they should come from your soul, your heart

Now onto goals.

Goals need to be small. Small steps over time

Goals need to be kept private. You work on these on your own.

Goals need to have time, space and measurement added.

Goals should be H.A.R.D.

H - Habit, they have to become part of your day, your routine

A - Action, without action, nothing will happen

R - Reachable, small steps, very doable but perhaps have to pick up a skill or two

D - Do it anyway, pretty self explanatory. Some days you just won't feel like doing the work.

Next step: start dreaming and write down your huge, incredible dreams in 5 categories. Health, Work, Money, Love and Relationships, Self worth/Mental Wellness/Happiness.

Once you are done with these, start building your goals, like stepping stones to toward reaching these dreams.

In an earlier post I talked about the different ways you can do this, mind map, mind tree, etc. The essence of it is that you work backwards like; what do I have to do to get there? Write down the steps, then ask the same question about each of these. Keep going deeper and more detailed until you get to the smallest step you can do, like get a pencil.

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