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#1 - Goal setting - part 3

We can only go forward if we know where we are starting. This post will talk about the goals we set when we hit milestones; new year's resolutions, a new job, new house, new relationship, etc. If we don't examine how we were in the past, we wake up with our new goals on a Wednesday and there we still are, how we were.

It is important to ask and examine our answers to the following questions:

1) What were the good things about my old ... (job/relationship/year/venture/trip)?

2) What did I learn about myself that I didn't expect?

3) What was the hardest/worst thing/event/aspect of my old ...?

4) What are the lessons that I learned and will take with me moving forward?

5) What are the lessons that I will never ever do again?

6) How will I approach my new ... better than the last one?

7) What are the big highlights that I am proud of in my old ...?

These questions are based on a course put on by Mel Robbins, an international speaker, mentor, educator and coach.

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