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Maria Howlett


Level 1 crossfit trainer, primal nutrition coach, colour practitioner, Litios crystal healer

I live on an organic farm with my husband and our cats and dogs and farm animals.  We have 3 adult children all moved out and living on their own.

What excites me is eating healthy, exercise and looking after my mental health.  I am an avid crossfitter, but I enjoy yoga, Pilates, running, walking, swimming, kick-boxing, boot camp, dancing.  To feed my mind and spirit; I enjoy meditating, gardening, spending time with family and friends.  I love to read with a glass of red wine and I am a voracious podcast listener.  I constantly attend seminars and workshops, in person or online.  I am a knowledge seeker, constantly curious.

Deirdre Veit - consultant
Nutrition coach

Deirdre's years of research and study has led her to specialize in nutrition and it's connection to overall health.  Although not over 40, Deirdre has a long history of coaching groups to health of all ages.  Deirdre is the owner of Farm City Girl, she is a health advocate, a food blogger, and an international presenter at conferences. 

Deirdre played soccer at the provincial level through to age 18 then recreationally after.  She raises her son with her husband who is also a big sports fan.  They are living an active life style, something they are passing onto their son.  Deirdre usually reads 2-3 books at the same time, as an English major no library is big enough.  She reads anything from classic authors to personal growth but her passion is nutrition and has been successfully coaching her clients since 2015. 

Tracy Veit - consultant

Certified Life Coach - Gina DeVee’s Divine Living Academy

Tracy decided to transform her corporate position as a coach, team lead and resource person into her own business.  First she focused on coaching business women then later transitioned to work with women with trauma.   Tracy's past health challenges led her to research and pursue nutrition that she is now incorporating into her life coaching practice. 

Tracy splits her time between her farm and the city and enjoys quiet time with her husband and two sons and their families.  Tracy is constantly working on and studying personal growth methods as well as new life coaching philosophies and techniques. 

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