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The Sunday before my youngest started college she looked me in the eye and told me to stop mothering her.  She is old enough to figure things out, to look after herself.  If she wants or needs my help, she will ask for it.  Three years later they all moved out and we became empty nesters. 

I was so not prepared for it.  It was finally my time to do whatever I wanted but I didn't even know where to start.  I was not used to the empty house, the empty hours and the brain cycles I constantly devoted to making sure they had clean clothes, food to eat, transportation and things they needed for their activities.  It took me two years to find myself, to figure out what I wanted to do and to feel like I can do this.

I found my passion studying and teaching health, fitness and help women transform.  I became a crossfit trainer and a nutrition coach, as well as a alternative healer.  I started my own coaching business, and this program was born out of my desire to help women who are dealing with the same challenges that I went through.

The Feel Sexy Over 40 program is designed to guide you back to your happy, your confident, energetic self.

Over 6 months I will work with you to address nutrition, exercise and mindset to find your purpose and meaning.  This will give you focus and control in a friendly and supportive community where you are heard and understood.  It will put you in the spotlight where maybe for the first time you will do something amazing for yourself.  We will work hand in hand through weekly consultations, check-ins and detailed instructions to ensure success.

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For many, coping with an empty nest is mitigated by remaining in contact with the child. A parent can keep in touch with their child via weekly text, email, or phone calls. In times of stress and loneliness, reaching out for social support can also be helpful. In addition, diligent self-care—in the form of a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, exercise, and downtime—is recommended.

Instead of focusing attention on the child’s departure, some people cope with the transition through hobbies, travel, friendships, and career or education goals.

One’s identity may need to be reshaped, from parent of a child to parent of an adult child; this adjustment takes time.

A couple testimonials...                     

"I loved how you broke down tips into steps.  You were very encouraging...people are hard on themselves during change."


"You are amazing, I loved your support"


"I wish I was as determined and confident as you with health..and more.  You are a great teacher."

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